More Andrew Little hypocrisy

If elected, Bridges said National would look to give police new powers that would allow them to charge people who withhold information about child abuse. The new offence would carry a maximum jail sentence of three years. On Friday, National’s spokeswoman on children Louise Upston re-announced the party's plan to punish those who remain silent.

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Do NZ voters really want another 3 years of state failure?

The following is an op-ed from Taxpayers' Union Campaigns Manager Louis Houlbrooke. Phil Twyford says he will build light rail in Auckland if Labour wins the next election. Of course, he promised exactly the same thing at the last election and, after spending two and a half years in discussions and $5 million of taxpayers’

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Wealth tax ‘a bottom line’ for the Greens

Newstalk ZB / NZ Herald, A fracture has been driven into the Greens-Labour Party relationship after the Greens demanded a wealth tax be part of any future Coalition government agreement. The Greens election policies include a plan to make Kiwis with a net-worth greater than $1 million, pay 1 per cent of their wealth to

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The polling gap between National and Labour continues to shrink

Did Judith Collins do enough in the Leader debate? Although the political commentators gave the debate to Judith Collins, and Peter Goodfellow sent an email saying Judith crushed it, DeepThink didn't see enough in Judith's performance to suggest a significant shifting of the polls. Although Judith did bring up the failed child poverty promises Jacinda

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National will nurture New Zealand’s technology talent

DeepThink's view on government's role for rebuilding a better NZ is being put into practise by the National Party Analysis of NZ to establish which sectors have the highest potential for returns (which I’m guessing won’t include rail and skypath). Sir Peter Gluckman has made a start for free, what is the Prime Minister’s Chief

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Is Jacinda Ardern on the team of five million?

“New Zealanders will be asking whether Jacinda Ardern is part of the team of five million after she clearly flouted the rules she has asked us to live by,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “Ardern was photographed on Thursday taking a selfie with at least a dozen people in close proximity to her. “Hospitality businesses

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Judith Collins unleashes her vision for NZ’s economic recovery

Newstalk ZB, Judith Collins promises 'massive' temporary tax cuts in National's economic plan A Vision, a plan, and targets!  National's understanding of the importance of planning in NZ's economic recovery and the stewardship of the country is reason enough to replace the Labour Government. Whilst there are understandable misgivings about Judith Collins, her ability to

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New Zealand economy shrinks more than Australia from first lockdown

From Newshub The National Party fears another brain-drain of Kiwis as the New Zealand economy is estimated to have shrunk by 16 percent in the June quarter compared with 7 percent in Australia from the first lockdown. The Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Update (PREFU), the first official financial update from the Government since the Budget

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