Six dead: Labour Weekend road toll swells after overnight crash in Tokomaru

You will never stop idiots killing themselves and others with bad decision making. But there is irrefutable proof that good road design reduces accidents and death Julie-Anne Genter's 'evidence based' road toll reduction program is working as well as we predicted.  Meanwhile Julie-Anne blames the consultation she requested for her failure to deliver.

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The NZ National Party Reset

Peter Dunne article... Rather, National needs to be looking to the lessons successful modern conservative parties elsewhere provide. Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union in Germany, which has been in office since 1982 on a platform of liberal conservatism, is an obvious example. So too would be Britain’s Conservative Party under David Cameron (not its present

2020-10-23T19:15:00+00:00October 23rd, 2020|4 Comments

Will Labour go into coalition with the Greens?

FOR:  The greens will bring in left-wing policies like a wealth tax which Labour had to deny to retain their middle ground swing voter support AGAINST:  If Labour wants a 3rd term they have to stay in the middle so won't want radical left wing politics. OUR VIEW:  There will be a coalition as Labour

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What now for NZ?

Anyone know what the National plan is now? How do we open borders? How do we restore the economy? How do we support business owners to generate wealth? How do we remove the Auckland, Tauranga, and Hamilton gridlock? How do we increase productivity? How do we police gangs so gang numbers reduce? How do we

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What have NZ voters done?

Covid, a left leaning press (there are reports online RNZ staff were celebrating the Labour win - inexcusable), and poor National Leadership / campaigning have delivered NZ a majority Labour Government. Are voter's memories that short that they forgot the many Labour Party failures pre-covid, and is their understanding of the significance of NZ's economy

2020-10-17T18:37:14+00:00October 17th, 2020|2 Comments

Election 2020: Australian columnist Greg Sheridan criticises Jacinda Ardern as ‘shabby, fraudulent’

With New Zealand's election just two days away, the rest of the world will cast their eyes on the outcome in part due to the international profile of Jacinda Ardern. The Labour leader had been widely praised initially for her handling of Covid-19 around the world, with many championing the country's strong lockdown approach, and

2020-10-15T20:29:51+00:00October 15th, 2020|3 Comments

A Do-Nothing Government

Camryn Brown Under Jacinda Ardern, Labour is fundamentally a do-nothing government. Both its success and its failures are directly attributable to its ability to get nothing done. While it’s reasonable to be grateful for the health impacts of Covid-19 being so close to nothing, voters should only give Labour another three years if they want

2020-10-12T21:50:53+00:00October 12th, 2020|3 Comments
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