Why are voters now presented with such poor choices?  Biden is the oldest man to become president who confuses Donald with George.  Trump is obviously mentally challenged and doesn’t understand the  complex business of government.

In the UK they had a choice between Boris Johnson who is wrecking the UK economy, is chopping and changing the UKs covid strategy, and is mindlessly pursuing brexit which will wreak further unnecessary damage on the UK economy and his opponent Jeremy Corban, a communist idealogue who thought antisemitism was OK

And in NZ we have a Prime Minister who is obviously in a position she does not have the knowledge or experience to perform well.  The opposition leader is disliked by most her caucus and became leader because the two leaders before her failed so badly.

Why aren’t experienced and successful business people turning to politics?

Could it be the rabid left press, the organised and vitriolic social media campaigns (remember the attack on Simon Bridges) and the media driven requirement to choose leaders and ministers based on their sex and ethnicity (who cares what Nanaia Mahuta looks like, have you seen a press article asking what she actually achieved to deserve the foreign minister job?) rather than their ability to achieve success for NZ?

It appears that people with little chance of success in other jobs would choose to work in NZ’s political environment.