ODT  Residents of an Auckland CBD apartment block where a newly-diagnosed Covid-19 case lives allegedly mixed with people in managed isolation after a fire alarm at the isolation hotel earlier this week.

Newshub  Coronavirus: New Auckland case lashes out at ‘false’ claims boss asked her to work while sick, says it led to racist bullying.

  • We’re now told the woman caught covid from the defence force cluster but no word as to how that happened.

Stuff quotes Chris Hipkins…

“The new case has been directly genomically linked to the defence worker at Jet Park,” Hipkins said.

He said the direct link did not point to an unknown border incursion.

Director of Public Health Dr Caroline McElnay follows with,,, “really encouraging news” that whole genome sequencing from the student showed an identical genetic profile to the sequence found in Case A, who picked up the virus while working inside Jet Park.

  • Chris Hipkins main skill is spin, lie, spin with a straight face.

  • The direct link does not point to an unknown border incursion (well it was obviously unknown when the incursion occurred) which Dr McElnay then goes on to confirm was directly linked to an unknown (at the time it occurred) border incursion

  • Chris Hipkins’ spin suggest that once Labour discovers the source of it’s many covid border incursions, the incursion ceases to be an issue.

  • Has Chris Hipkins forgotten about the huge economic cost to NZ every time his government shuts the economy down or tells people not to go into the CBD?

  • When will NZ voters see through the Labour Party spin and realize the huge costs the Labour Party are inflicting upon us and our children?