Jacinda Ardern on giving Greens post-election deal despite Labour majority: ‘I wanted to govern for all New Zealanders’

DeepThink predicts a Labour Greens coalition 19/10/2020 Here comes a wealth tax When a government is: incapable analysing the economic cost of their decisions, unable to plan for economic recovery, spends billions on the basis of shovel ready rather than return on investment (social and monetary) The only option left to them now is to

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Mike’s Minute: We have to get on with running the country

I hope you’ve noticed this week the government literally missing in action. I know they're somewhat limited as we wait for votes, tallies, and confirmations. But the overarching sense I get is that they are in no more of a hurry to do anything now than they were before we voted. Part of that is

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Go David Seymour. The National Party should take note of what effective opposition looks like.

Act's David Seymour wants 'hard-left' Human Rights Commission to be abolished ACT says it wouldn't leave a gap to scrap the Human Rights Commission - because New Zealand has no shortage of political debate. Leader David Seymour claims it's a hard-left organisation masquerading as a government department... after the Commission today laid out 39 issues

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Dominating the grocery market and charging exorbitant grocery prices isn’t enough for greedy supermarket owners.

Meanwhile, one of Auckland's biggest supermarkets has been slapped with a hefty fine for overcharging customers. On six dates in June and October 2018 - mystery shoppers found Pak’nSave Mangere was charged more at the checkout than the promotional price advertised on the shelf. Commerce Commission Chair Anna Rawlings says they found numerous discrepancies. On

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Here comes a wealth tax.

Greens and Labour confident a deal can be reached by Friday NZ Herald, The Greens leadership has confirmed they will emerge from Government-forming talks with the Labour Party by Friday with a deal in hand. But it will be up to a group of high-ranking Greens' members to decide whether the deal offered up by

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Six dead: Labour Weekend road toll swells after overnight crash in Tokomaru

You will never stop idiots killing themselves and others with bad decision making. But there is irrefutable proof that good road design reduces accidents and death Julie-Anne Genter's 'evidence based' road toll reduction program is working as well as we predicted.  Meanwhile Julie-Anne blames the consultation she requested for her failure to deliver.

2020-10-25T18:32:44+00:00October 25th, 2020|2 Comments

The NZ National Party Reset

Peter Dunne article... Rather, National needs to be looking to the lessons successful modern conservative parties elsewhere provide. Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union in Germany, which has been in office since 1982 on a platform of liberal conservatism, is an obvious example. So too would be Britain’s Conservative Party under David Cameron (not its present

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Will Labour go into coalition with the Greens?

FOR:  The greens will bring in left-wing policies like a wealth tax which Labour had to deny to retain their middle ground swing voter support AGAINST:  If Labour wants a 3rd term they have to stay in the middle so won't want radical left wing politics. OUR VIEW:  There will be a coalition as Labour

2020-10-19T18:28:11+00:00October 19th, 2020|3 Comments
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