The Gap is Closing

The newhub poll was unbelievable and subsequent polls show NZers are right to be skeptical of a partisan media.  The trend shows a rapid narrowing of the left/right coalition chances in the upcoming election. As the recession deepens Labour begins talk of extending the wage subsidy again to get the economy over the 'line' for

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Lies, Damned Lies, Polls and Main Stream NZ Political Reporting.

Why aren't Stuff and the NZ Herald giving the curia poll results (taken over the same period as the Reid Research poll) the same coverage they gave the Reid Research poll? Sean Plunkett on Magictalk was very critical (following a review) of one sided political reporting in NZ.  He concluded the NZ Press were going

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Labour leaving another decade of deficits

"Just as Helen Clark’s government did, Labour’s out-of-control spending has left New Zealanders with a decade of deficits,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “The burden of debt this Government is leaving for future generations is akin to fiscal child abuse. “Today in Parliament, Grant Robertson claimed it will take at least eight years for the

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China accuses New Zealand of violating international law over extradition treaty

Well Done NZ Parliamentarians.  China's oppressive regime is an affront to Western values.  The Western World bet that supporting China's economic development would usher in a free democratic political system and responsible international citizenship.  IT HASN'T WORKED! China's Embassy in Wellington is accusing New Zealand of interfering in international relations with its decision to suspend

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Swedish companies reap benefits of country’s Covid-19 approach

2 months ago DeepThink said... Let’s watch the shutdown induced economic carnage and increased non-covid death rate suffered by the rest of the world and then judge the success or otherwise of ‘defeating covid’ And how does contact tracing and widespread testing help in a country which has decided to live with the virus? Sweden’s

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Taxes are coming!

Thanks to a strict lockdown - the legality of which is now being challenged in the courts - New Zealand managed to eliminate local transmission of COVID-19, which has now killed more than 650,000 people worldwide. Kiwis now enjoy far fewer restrictions than most other countries, according to Oxford University's Government Response Stringency Index. Even

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There is one new case of a disgraced politician in New Zealand

Finally some accurate and relevant political reporting from The NZ Media Originally published by Toby Manhire, The Spinoff The number of active cases remains astronomical. Hopes of curbing community transmission of political disgrace in New Zealand are fading, with a succession of new reported cases raising fears that the so-called "Bowen cluster" is out of

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Labour Lead Government’s legalize marijuana pamphlet

Say nope to dope says The pamphlet reads “the bill’s purpose is to reduce harm to people and communities.” No, it isn’t. The bill’s purpose is to legalise, or not, something that is currently illegal. You are voting yes or no, legal or illegal, nothing more. Could an outworking of the vote mean there might

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Winston Peters has done his dash.

In 2017 Winston Peters promises shift of Auckland port to Northland How is that promise coming along Winston? Now he promises for Tiwai: “NZ First’s option is that we’ll finance and work a takeover of that enterprise.’’ Tiwai closing will be a disaster for many people in the South.  However, asking the taxpayer to prop

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