NZ First blamed for delay in fishing boat cameras by Stuart Nash in leaked recording

Herald Reports.  A leaked recording of a phone call made by Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash confirms that NZ First is controlling critical elements of the Government's fishing policy, Greenpeace says. Disgraceful.  The ecological and economic damage of illegal fishing practices will be a blight for future generations. Where are the "green" party?  Surely they are

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Sir Bob Jones ‘No Punched Pulled’ blog is Right

Sir Bob Jones Writes... In their typical pack-running imitative practise, our media have had a field-day slamming the Health Minister David Clark for allegedly, “throwing the Director of Health, Ashley Bloomfield, under the bus”. This is rubbish. The failure of the checking system fell squarely on Bloomfield’s management responsibility... DeepThink Replied..... Actually, Sir Bob is

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Protecting against China’s post-Covid buying spree

Finally, coalition government action which deserves praise. The Government urgently passed a string of changes to overseas investment rules in a bid to protect companies with strategic national security importance. Laura Walters looks at why countries around the world are rushing to protect their valuable IP and technology assets from a Chinese buyout in the

2020-06-29T20:15:00+00:00June 29th, 2020|1 Comment

Growing majority of Kiwis support legalising cannabis, new poll finds

Deep Think looked and cannot find any details on the Horizon Cannabis poll.  How was the poll conducted?  What were the ages of those polled?    Shame on the herald for publishing "poll" results without any information on how the marijuana industry funded poll was conducted. Licensed medicinal cannabis company Helius Therapeutics commissioned the independent Horizon

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NZ Government Ministers need to understand business

All managers understand the importance of targets, measures, and reporting for successful outcomes. IN Aug 2019, newsroom reported... The coalition Government has a difficult relationship with targets. While Davis has the overall goal of reducing the prison population by 30 percent in 15 years, following consideration early on, he decided not to put in place

2020-06-26T00:39:53+00:00June 25th, 2020|2 Comments

Unemployment might be over 10 percent already

The first part of treasury's rosy economic forecasts is already toast... Newshub Reports.. While Treasury has tipped unemployment to peak at almost 10 percent, a new study suggests that figure might have already been reached. Researchers at Victoria University found 7 percent of people with jobs before the alert level 4 lockdown had lost them

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NZ Inc should prepare for a long lockdown

Tourism and education businesses hoping for the borders to reopen to visitors, students and guest workers within months should challenge their assumptions, warns Bernard Hickey There were just six minutes of sunshine in Wellington in all of last week, and it certainly felt that way for New Zealand Inc. A long winter is coming for

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The lunatics are running the asylum.

I listened to Phil Twyford talking to Sean Plunkett on magictalk yesterday.  Sean asked Twyford if, in light of the looming recession, the government was proceeding with their proposed road user charge increase. On 1 July 2020, petrol excise duty will increase 3.5 cents to around 70 cents per litre and road user charges will

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DeepThink response to Alex Davis article

Predictions about NZ’s Covid19 Future Proved Correct The labour government’s covid border failures SHOULD SURPRISE NO-ONE. Good Governors understand the importance of objectives, measures, and reporting. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced in 2018 that her government would scrap the Better Public Service targets brought in by the National government. Without targets, measuring, and reporting Ministers

2020-06-23T21:14:51+00:00June 23rd, 2020|2 Comments

The shambles continues’: Todd Muller savages Government, Air Commodore Webb over new COVID-19 quarantine dramas

Air Commodore Digby Webb and Megan Woods are "serving up nonsense" in their new roles and have done nothing to solve the Government's COVID-19 border woes, Todd Muller says. The National Party leader says the Government's mismanagement of quarantine facilities - which started last week with two coronavirus-carrying sisters being allowed to leave an Auckland

2020-06-22T20:13:26+00:00June 22nd, 2020|1 Comment
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