Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

(David) Seymour said the Government has "done a terrible job of being prepared for and managing" the COVID-19 crisis, and that "outside of a few countries like Taiwan, all governments seem really hopeless at managing the pandemic". He said because of that failure, people across the globe have "just had to stay home". Dr Ayesha

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When Jacinda Ardern makes coronavirus success-story claims, she needs to be pulled up about them, writes Steve Elers.

25 Apr 2020 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said: "We have the opportunity to do something no other country has achieved – elimination of the virus." It's safe to assume most New Zealanders understood this as meaning we have the potential for the virus to be gone, out of here, see you later, because elimination

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Far North Road Blocks

When questioned at her media conference today  Jacinda Adern said.... Checkpoints, police are working closely on the ground to make sure  where communities established their own response they’ve been keeping themselves and others safe and operating within the law.  Police know the intention is to look after each other, as long as it is done

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PSA Cautiously Welcomes PPE Review: “We Need Gloves, Not Promises”

Tuesday, 21 April 2020, 4:05 pm Press Release: Public Service Association The Public Service Association supports the decision to independently review PPE distribution and supply, but the union says health workers are sick and tired of empty promises. "We have repeatedly been promised PPE. Our members have repeatedly been told the DHBs and the Ministry

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Does wearing face masks REALLY prevent coronavirus outbreaks?

The Australian Daily Mail reports: Data shows countries that imposed compulsory mask-wearing managed to reverse their crises as leading doctors urge Britons to use scarves to make their own Britons repeatably told not to wear face masks because 'no evidence they work' But data from mask-wearing counties suggest they have halted major outbreaks Austria saw

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Lack of Planning.

RNZ reports... The Opposition has taken to pouring doubt on the Health Ministry's assertion it can trace 5000 people a day who have had contact with a Covid-19 carrier.Michael Woodhouse "4 months since the virus was identified and NZ still doesn't have effective contact tracing.  Prof Ian Skegg highlighted the lack of contact tracing and

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