Responsible Economic Management

The National Party's 2 steps forward 1 step back roller coaster ride continues. Whilst Stuff and the NZ Herald sensationalize Michael Woodhouse NOT releasing confidential data, DeepThink will continue to analyze the important issues! NZ needs clever policy, clever planning, and clever implementation to recover from Jacinda Adern's single dimension covid response. The first element

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Start asking HOW. Farmers question Government’s plan to add $44b in primary sector

Peter Wilson, principal economist, NZIER “My Initial response was that there were three objectives that were going to be really hard to achieve together. Increasing the size of the sector, improving its productivity and increased employment. Those three together plus meeting climate change and water quality objectives, that’s going to take a lot of change.

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Mike Yardley: Cannabis uncertainty is a cop-out

I have a major beef with this mealy-mouthed suggestion from the Chief Science Advisor’s panel that it’s still uncertain whether legalising dope increases harm. We already have an addiction-fueled mental health crisis in this country, much of which can be sheeted home to recreational cannabis abuse and psychosis. Why risk aggravating that problem even more,

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Accountability: Muller Vs Adern

Muller took two days to hold Hamish Walker to account for the covid leak. Compare that to Adern's record... Meka Whaitiri – sacked 22 days after Ardern aware of assault allegations Clare Curran – sacked from Cabinet 150 days after Ardern aware she misled Parliament David Clark – resignation accepted 88 days after he breaches

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How do we still have mistakes at isolation facilities?

In May DeepThink asked.. On the 8th May Grant Robertson says opening the economy as soon as possible has been his plan all along.  DEEPTHINK ASKED, if that is true why didn’t the NZ Government: close the borders to tourists in February, implement a managed quarantine for returning NZers, and set-up an appropriate contact tracing

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Start asking HOW?

The Labour and Green Party are not asked HOW WILL YOU DO THAT? We'll reduce Child Poverty - HOW? We'll build 1000 homes a year - HOW? We'll lift primary sector earnings by $44b - HOW?  

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National leader Todd Muller wants party board to axe Hamish

Newsroom reports... Here we go again, just when you think the National Party is amassing its army at the border, something else goes wrong. NZ has an inept government who should be staring into the jaws of defeat, for the sake of the NZ economy and the wellbeing of NZ citizens. National Party leader Todd

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Labour admits it has no plan

DeepThink recognized the Jacinda Adern lead government is bereft of management experience and a management plan, now it appears the message is resonating. Labour's poor stewardship  has been masked by an inherited strong economy, large spending announcements, and personal attacks thrown at anyone who voiced legitimate criticism (who are racist, misogynist, sexist, ist, ist) An

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NZ Needs a Bigger Vision

More unintelligent 'vision' from Jacinda Adern's Labour Party Congress speech. The environment is important but what NZ needs now is clever government investment which produce an ROI. That does not discount the need for cleaner rivers and a better environment, which should form an important plank for any future investment, But it recognizes that without

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Quarantine Leak Shows We Need New Government

"This morning's revelation that a list of those quarantined was leaked raises too many questions for this Government to continue," according to ACT Leader David Seymour "Number one issue: we've had a dead man walking as Minister of Health for the last three months. And then, even he realised it was time for him to

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Government’s cannabis agenda has been exposed

Newstalk ZB Why on earth would the government, or Andrew Little in particular, be remotely bothered as to whether Family First were getting money for their “no” campaign against legalising dope in the vote in September. The allegation is that a lobby group out of America called SAM is helping fund them. First and most

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